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Well there is a big difference and you will find out sooner or later that these two things couldn’t be more different.

CRUSH is something that happens in an instant or may develop for some time, but it is aQUICK STRONG AND POWERFUL EMOTION THAT MAKES YOU FLY - YOU FEEL BUTTERFLIES IN YOUR STOMACH, you can’t eat or you might don’t experience all these things but you still have a crush. Crushes usually happen to YOUNGER people, who are still growing and learning about themselves. To experience true, deep love, a person needs to have some years under their belt - they need to know and love themselves before they can truly love another person. The important thing about crush is, that IT HAPPENS AT THE BEGINNING OF A RELATIONSHIP AND IT USUALLY LASTS FOR A MONTH OR THREE. Some people claim that they have a crush for their whole life but that is crap, because that is LOVE
Now love is something DEEPER, it is what you feel towards your dad and mom, but a bit different. When you love a person you firstly and mostly CARE ABOUT HIMYOU FEEL COMFORTABLE AROUND HIMYOU SHARE THE SAME INTERESTSYOU WANNA BE WITH THAT PERSON TILL THE REST OF YOUR LIFELove is something you feel that you just want that person to be happy. Even if that special person isn’t with you. YOU WANT THE BEST FOR HIM.There is no selfishness in love. YOU LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT THAT PERSON AND ACCEPT THEM FOR WHOM THEY REALLY ARE. You love their QUALITIES and their FLAWS. You recognize their flaws but ACCEPT them and LOVE them because they are part of thatSPECIAL PERSON.
There’s also a difference between LOVING someone and being IN LOVE with someone. I love a lot of people - for who they are, how I feel when I’m around them, and the respect I have for the person. I’M ONLY IN LOVE WITH ONE PERSON - the man who’s my partner in life. It’s not a feeling that can easily be described. There’s an underlying feeling that you’re “in it” together - and you TRUST that this person is always looking out for your best interest, as you do theirs. Then there’s the passion - sometimes it’s stronger than other times - and it changes as the relationship grows, but is always a PART OF YOUR LIFE.

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