what ? what ? O.o
Thursday, March 10, 2011 • 12:32 AM • 0 comments

Assalamualaikum & hye !

i'm just wonder now ,
what my motif dream about him huh ?
so weird i think . i just sleep n then dream about him ,
aigoo,i'm still dizzy right now .
i'm thinking of him right now . does he also think about me ?
what a nice day in my life if he do miss me right now ! :)
HAHAHA, WTH , i'm just noisy in my soul .
wait the second !!! what i'm nonsense about ? 
yes , honest i say that i still love you and i miss you right now !
but,what can i do ? just latent in the heart ? yeah, that true . 
i can smile if i see you smile . so please smile for me . :D

p/s : sorry if my language is very-very bad so  damn much !

thanks for visiting // Happiness


welcome guyss , i'm ahya but also can call me iahling ♥ find me at my twitter @iAhling also can find me at instagram too ahyaadeeliah_ already 20+ this years baybeh!

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