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Assalamualaikum & Good Evening . . =')
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hye my x ! you know what . when i see your face . my heart start to cry .
my heart feel the hurt so much . and i feel so regret now . because of me .
we now like an enemy , well i guess yes . i'm your enemy now .
when we meet at school . you just don't care about me . like you dont know me anymore .
i know that now , you grow up with a handsome face ! but now .
i do hate you so much , because you changed fully , i still remember , 
the first time a meet you at primary school .i never forget that moment .
it my sweet moment ever had with you , i miss the old you .
now,you couple with my enemy ! oh shit, i'm so shocked so much ,
anyway,i dont care about you now . because when i care about you .
it make me want to cry . i think i have to erase badly your name. 
in my heart . but , it hard i think . because you are my first love .
yeah ! i know that you totally forget me . you think that i not exist in your world . 
it okey dear , because i dont need you anymore in my life . 
i just need to hate you and forget you in my life . and forgive what you did to me .
and you are my past time that i ever had before . happy with your girl .
harap mklum,ayt english ak agak tunggang langgang . hope .
taa de spe nk mengate yer . . kamsamida  . Assalamualaikum , :')

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