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Friday, February 24, 2012 • 2:44 AM • 0 comments

Assalamualaikum and heyyy all . :)
the title mean i started to missed my friends at smk kota . oh man~ when i started to think about them , my tear start to down and down . okey . fine . kita english broken . harap maaf lah yer . kita dh mula rndu dkt smk kota . means rndu dkt budk smk kota . dh dkt sbulan kot xjmpe ngan downg seriously miss badly dkt downg xspecially my bestie sherah . tadi sms dgn dy . time sms tu dy ckp rndu sngt nk jmpa kita . rndu nk share prob nga kita . rndu smuanya lah . same goes here . kita rndu dy sngt2 . kita rndu nk share prob dgn dy . rndu nk share my happiness and sadness ngan dy . rndu serndulah . tgh sms nga dy . trsentap jap . bila agaknya blh jmpa ngan dy . if dpt jmpa dy kita nk plok dy . kita nk ckp ngan dy smbil xingt msa .

then , kita rndu bestie laki kita . kita rndu dy yg kacukan cina tu . okey sila trasa ye spa2 yg ad kacukan darah cina tu if baca ini entri . yeah~ yesterday dh text ngan dy . lepas lah jgk rndu ni dkt dy . hikhok . and time sms ngan dy . dy ckp dy dh xkwn mna dgn budk prempuan skrg . okeyy . kita trasa , but dy ckp kita sorng je skunk yg baik ngan dy . woah , dy anggp kita neh ape hah ? haha . o.O but . first thing that i want to say that . you really changed everything dude . but please dont changed because i'm not with you . okey . statement gila penah kita ckp . ;)
okeyy lah . kita rasa stakt ni je lah kita update . sbb kita nk update second blog kita pulak . hehe . k daa~ assalamualaikum and see you soon peeps . ;)

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